Mount Rinjani Lombok is surrounded by the scenic beauty of Lake Segara Anak, the new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari), sunset and sunrise from the peak and rim of the Senaru crater. Others mount Rinjani trekking adventure also visit the attractive tourist attractions such as Sendang Gile Waterfall which makes it convenient to visit all the wonderful places with our friendly guide. We can also help you arrange transportation to travel more easily to nearby places on three Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno or Air) or other beautiful places within Lombok Island.


Reza Trekker is a travel company that has been established since 2012, but in its journey up to this year we received several reviews that were less interesting to look at, but from there we learned from these mistakes how important it is to recommend guests who have joined our company, we will trying to restore the name and dignity of the Reza Trekker company by working according to what we offer to our potential customers, we will try and try to return to normal, now we are aware and now we have woken up from our unconsciousness at work.

Lombok Trekking Rinjani
This route appeals to those short of time, climbing to Mt. Rinjani Crater Rim in Gunung Rinjani National Park. Starting and ending in Senaru, it provides spectacular views of the Lake Segara Anak within the volcanos crater. This gentle trek is good for beginners, or family with children (minimum 10 years old). Tour can leave any days except weather condition does not permitted.
Trekking summit Rinjani
Trekking Rinjani 2 days 1-night trek start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camping in a tent, climb to summit Rinjani and return to Sembalun village in east Lombok. This trekking program for climbers or trekker in good level of fitness and able to walk up and down for an average of 8.5 hours per day. Tour can leave any days except weather condition does not permitted.
Mount Rinjani 3 days trek to Summit and lake start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camp in a tent, climb to the summit, down to Lake and swim at hot spring then climb to crater Senaru rim and overnight in tent then last day trek down to Senaru. This program is suitable for climbers in good level of fitness. Tour can leave any days except weather condition does not permitted.


If you are a beginner or experienced climber, we provide the most popular packages trekking mount rinjani lombok that are suitable for you



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  7. Mount rinjani trekking package price are included for extra fee to our guides and porters who collect the rubbish on the mountain and bring down to the Senaru village to clean and keep Rinjani National Park nature.


Mount Rinjani is open everyday from 1st April to the last December and Rinjani National Park is closed from 1st January until 31st March due to heavy rain and extreme weather.

The best time to trek Rinjani is from April until December. April and December are shoulder seasons, where you may experience more rain. It is mostly pleasant from May to September.

As it turns out, trekking Rinjani is hard. The Rinjani trek starts with a climb of 1500 m over 8 km 1st day hike. Most of that elevation change takes place during in the final 3 km in the 2nd day trek to the summit 3726m starting from campsitr on 2739m asl, which take about 3 hours.

Technically, it is possible to trek to the crater rim of Mount Rinjani without a guide. However, you'll need to carry your own food, water, tents and supplies with you. We wouldn't recommend hiking Mount Rinjani without a guide for a few reasons.
So, is Rinjani worth it? You'll get a lovely view even without reaching the top, and there's a lot else to like about hiking here.
How Much Does It Cost to Hike Mount Rinjani? The Summit and lake trek is 3 days/2 nights and costs around $250USD . The Crater Rim trek takes 2 days/1 night and costs roughly $190USD per person for minumum 2 participants.

Train to strengthen our leg muscles by doing lots of jogging, cycling, or brisk walking. In addition to the legs, other body parts such as arms, back, and shoulders also have to get extra work, especially if we are going to load a lot of supplies in our backpacks.