How Hard To Climb Mount Rinjani

How Hard To Climb Mount Rinjani Enjoy Vacation With Best Price & Complete Package, Join Us to Climb Rinjani With a Professional Local Guide. Warm greeting from us CV. Reza Trekker Tour And Travel, Mount Rinjani Trekking Specialists Agency. We are expert in mountaineering survival and Adventures trekking to mount rinjani national park Lombok Indonesia. Best Rinjani Trekking Company Enjoy Vacation With Best Price & Complete Package, Join Us to Climb Rinjani With a Professional Local Guide. Warm greeting from us CV. Reza Trekker Tour And Travel, Mount Rinjani Trekking Specialists Agency. We are expert in mountaineering survival and Adventures trekking to mount rinjani national park Lombok Indonesia.

Joining climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit is a new experience. Mount Rinjani trek is a challenging mountain trek and you should have good warm and windproof gear and clothing.

It is known to attract violent storms, lightning, and strong winds due to its unique topography. The sun is strong when the weather is mild, and the nights can be quite cool. There are some sides which are slippery and steep.

Be aware of bad weather while trekking and avoid unnecessary risks of getting wet or cold. When startled by a thunderstorm, seek shelter immediately and avoid prominent high ridges. You should also pay attention to the stinging insects and plants that are common on Lombok.


Mount Rinjani trekking packages are very famous. Who would not be spellbound by a massive volcanic caldera with sapphire blue lakes, smoking cones, and hot springs? However, before you book this place exploration, you should know these things.

It has been known that it is really hard to go up. The area is high, windy, cold, and steep. Until today, only 25% of people reach the top. Statistics show that only 1 in 4 adults is an experienced and tough hiker.

If you choose a package for climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit, there will be an additional service which is a porter. Sometimes you will see they carry a lot of stuff you do not really need. Most of the Mount Rinjani treks packages include delicious fresh food, fancy drinks, and comfortable mattresses.

Many of them also offer a portion of delicious food, like chocolate and a watermelon smoothie. Still, you will need a porter to carry the ingredients up the mountain for you. However, you should be aware of the garbage. Do not litter easily, because you have to keep nature in a natural way.

So, is this place worth it? Even if you do not reach the top, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery. Hiking fun abounds here. However, it is better to choose trekking packages with higher price one.


Preparing and packing before trekking, what to prepare during climbing. What we prepare for the trek and what you have to prepare yourself. There are so many things to prepare for this activity.

There is some equipment provided by the guide. So, it is highly important to choose a quality guide that comes with completed equipment as a service. As said previously, you should avoid the cheapest guide to get more comfortable trekking.

Basically, there is some equipment provided for climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit. Since you will spend more days, there will be tents with high-quality camping. Then, there will be a warm sleeping bag along with a comfortable sponge mattress and pillow.

In this case, you will be more comfortable even after a long walking time. To take a break, the tour will also provide you with camping chairs and a table. It will help you a lot.

Since this area is high, you will need the proper toilet. With the guide, there will be a toilet tent and paper. Some places even also offer simple toilets for camping. All cookware and leaflet also should be provided by your guide.

If you join the climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit, you should also prepare yourself. There is some equipment that should be brought but your guide will provide you. The most important thing is a torch or flashlight. Both of them are necessary to camp or trek along.

Then, you will also need a pair of hiking shoes and comfortable shocks. Since climbing up rely on your feet, you need to make sure that you choose the correct sunscreen. Do not forget to take your toiletries and muscle or balm spray.

Since you will spend a night in nature, you may also bring insect repellent. If you like documentation, do not forget to bring your camera. You have never skipped every moment for the last.

Meanwhile, you have also brought a small towel. For the clothes, there are some tips to choose from. Extra clothes are not necessary for this time. Just bring what you really need. Most of the climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit is simple. You only need 2 to 3 shirts for each day.

If you use a maximum of 2 days in the dry season, you only need 1 pair of shorts. Do not forget to bring your rain jacket since there are unexpected things that would happen in the mountain. To make it look more tremendous, you can also bring your long pants or windproof warm jackets, windbreakers, and sweaters.

Gloves, gaiters, winter and sun hats, mountain buffalo leather. As optional, you can also bring a swimsuit, sandals, hiking snacks, and more. Whatever you bring, you have to make sure that the daypack should not higher than 8kg.


Besides the preparation before climb up, there are some points that should be remembered. As informed before, you should wear comfortable trekking or running shoes with good grip. Shoes with a good grip will help you to take your balance and get slippery easily.

Then, you will also need to put on your use sunscreen before starting the trek. Some people might have a problem with sunburn and it must be painful. To avoid this problem, you should use sunscreen as recommended for climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit.

It is also recommended to wear shorts and long sleeves during the day. Meanwhile, long pants, a jacket, gloves, and a flashlight should be prepared when climbing to the top of Mount. You should also make sure that to keep hydrating.

You should drink 1.5 liters of water. Sometimes the water is provided for book guides and porters. Please ask your guide for hydration during your trip. In order to prevent inconveniences such as stomach pain, they will usually provide a large amount of mineral water for you to drink.

If you choose to climb Mount Rinjani 3D2N summit package in the high-quality guide, your food and drinks will be prepared by the guide during the trip. Then, do not use shampoo in lakes and hot springs. Bring your own trash or help our team collect trash along the way.


Basically, it is recommended to climb this mountain with a guide. The area is not a joke, a guide will lead you to keep safe during the climbing. However, some people are also of opinion that it is not that bad to trek at this place without a guide.

If you plan to get  Rinjani Climber you should stay with guides. They will help you in every situation. Moreover, you have also chosen experienced guides in this area. Nowadays, the weather is unpredictable easily so you need guidance more in that situation.

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