The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani

The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani is surrounded by the scenic beauty of Lake Segara Anak, the new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari), sunset and sunrise from the peak and rim of the Senaru crater. Others mount Rinjani hike adventure also visit the attractive tourist attractions such as Sendang Gile Waterfall which makes it convenient to visit all the wonderful places with our friendly guide. We can also help you arrange transportation to travel more easily to nearby places on three Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno or Air) or other beautiful places within Lombok Island.

The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani Options and Spots You Should Visit While Hiking

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Rinjani and look for Rinjani trek options? Preparation is, of course, mandatory to make the climb more enjoyable. And we will review the uniqueness of this mountain, too, so you can be more amazed.

Since we first heard about Mount Rinjani, we have always wanted to climb this mountain. Mount Rinjani is always shrouded with beauty and perfect photos. And it will be particular excitement if you go there.

Indonesia is known as the ring of fire, a nickname because it has land filled with active volcanoes. One of them, and the most popular, is The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani which is classified as a new mountain and is why we went to Lombok.

The adventure experience offered is different from what we find in general. Something about Mount Rinjani always amazes me. Even though other things can be done, Mount Rinjani makes us willing to spend a week here.

What Spots You Should Visit in Rinjani Trek

We have been talking about the fun Rinjani trek. But this is very tricky and challenging, hard to beat if you need more experience. Therefore, you have to do all kinds of preparations to get to the top.

Regarding your trip later, many spots will be found and suitable for photo spots. You don’t need to be afraid that the trip will be boring. It will always be colourful and full of uniqueness due to the presence of these spots:

Savanna Field

The Savanna Field looks like an orange-coloured carpet laid under the mountain and over the plains. This is a very outstanding view and gives peace of mind. Everyone who passes this place will stop and take photos of Rinjani trek.

The view is more than perfect, and this place will be perfect for anyone to imagine. There are also springs here in the form of fresh fountains. This will increase your energy and prepare you to continue the journey.

Lolok Putih Hot Spring

Those who like warm water on the mountain will stop at Lokok Putih Hot Spring. You will find the hot spring. Lolok Putih is located near Segara Anak Lake, which can be found if you take the Sembalun route on Rinjani trek.

The locals also believe that this hot spring is a source of water that can heal all diseases. This is believed to be the resting place of the guardians of this mountain. So. It’s a good idea to soak your legs in the hot spring.

This will also make your body feel fresher, and tired muscles on the Rinjani trek can rest. Then this can be additional energy to continue the journey up the mountain after experiencing the natural spa by the hill.

Mount Rinjani Crater Rim

A complete guide to the Mount Rinjani Crater Rim Hike on the incredible island of Lombok. From booking a guide, thoughts on independent hiking, and what to expect from this epic adventure.

Lombok is known as Bali’s adventurous little brother— and the Mount Rinjani Crater Rim hike is one of the most adventurous things you can do on Lombok! The hike is accessible to anyone with relatively good fitness and rewards you with some of the best views in Indonesia.

In this blog post, I’ll detail everything you need to know about hiking to the Mount Rinjani crater rim on Lombok. I’ll go through what to expect on the journey, what to look for in a good guide, and some epic photos from the volcano rim!
Everything You Need To Know Before Hiking To The Mount Rinjani Crater Rim
Below are some commonly asked questions about the Mount Rinjani Crater Rim hike. This is some of the most up-to-date information you’ll find as of 2023.

Booking A Trekking Tour To The Rim
To book a trekking tour, most hikers either show up and haggle for a price in Senaru.

This is great for saving money, but can often be hit-and-miss, as you don’t really know what to expect. Furthermore, due to low tourism numbers in recent years, most operators now rely on bookings through online platforms like Viator.

If you’re looking for a reputable and high-quality tour where everything is organized for you, including transport to and from Senggigi and one-night accommodation before the trek in Senaru, you can book a 2D1N trekking trip here.

This is a great tour with tonnes of 5-star reviews. It includes:

  • Experienced trekking guide
  • Porters to carry all equipment
  • Rinjani National Park Entry Permit
  • Food and unlimited water
  • Snacks
  • Tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mat

Something to cover your mouth and face with (to protect from dust)
This trekking tour I booked gave us plenty of food and water on the mountain. However, I’ve been told that some cheaper tours skimp out on food. Another important factor is whether the tours pick up and carry down plastic waste.

It will only be complete if you visit Mount Rinjani but don’t climb to the place of Crater Rim. The Rinjani track is at an elevation of 3726 meters, and the summit is considered a heavy climb. Only people who have a high-level physique can conquer it.

Usually, it takes two days and one night at The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani, and the initial 1000 meters climb can make you reach the crater rim. It is possible to summit in less than time if the weather conditions are clear enough.

Information about Mount Rinjani Hike

There is also a must-read review that you need to know about The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani. You cannot climb and pass the The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani from April to November. While for December to March, this is officially closed due to bad weather and roads prone to landslides.

The Best Agent To Hike To Mount Rinjani through an official trekking company will make it easier. Mandatory for foreign travellers considering the safety aspects. And obviously, you can only go through this challenging track with a guide because it’s considered very dangerous in other aspects.

Mount Rinjani Hike Company and Which is the Best One to Choose?

Many people love the trek activity and always find time to come here while visiting Lombok. Because of this exciting resource, you must also explore with the most appropriate service team. Reza Trekker is the best option.

The destinations here provide something that will make you comfortable, and Reza Trekker adds to that comfort. One of the reasons is that Reza Trekker got the Mount Rinjani Hike Tripadvisor Excellence Certificate because of the various services provided.

This is the rating of trek, which is given because of the selection of accommodations, attractions and hospitality excellence. These are also collected based on the experiences of the scientists. So, choose the Reza Trekker service rather than having trouble.

Going with the best holiday service will make everything more organized and manageable. But if you want something unique, choose the route that suits you too. There are 4 Mount Rinjani Hike, and you can choose one of the route.

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