Trekking Rinjani Itinerary

Trekking Rinjani Itinerary Mountain Route

Trekking Rinjani Itinerary – Reza Trekker route recommended 2023
There are several routes on Rinjani. The three main routes are the following: from Sembalun Lawang on the eastern side, from Senaru on the northern side and from Torean trekking route on the the middle side of the mountain.

Sembalun Rinjani – Trekking Rinjani Itinerary Route

Starting in the morning from the Trekking Rinjani Itinerary Centre in the village, the climb to Plawangan II at 2,638 m will take about 8 hr via POSI (1,300 m), POSII (1,500 m) and POSIII (1,800 m).

Starting altitude is1100 m, so there are no humid conditions to deal with. First half or more of the trek is literally a breeze.

The trek through savannah grassland is windy and easygoing, with gentle ups and downs, and the only obstacle to look out for are the “cow pats” deposited by the villagers’ cows along the way.

Rolling hills and amazing scenery help to ease the tiredness, unlike the enclosed tropical rainforest of Senaru route. From POS 2 to POS 3, the climb is still manageable. The challenge for Sembalun route is from POS 3 to POS Extra, as the uphill gradient can be 50 degrees at times.

Young children will find this section challenging as some steps are set quite far apart. Cooler weather up here may give the impression that the body does not need fluids, but do drink more to prevent altitude sickness setting in.

Strangely, there is a guy selling cold drinks (Pocari sweat, Coke etc) here at the campsite at exorbitant prices (40.000 Rp per drink) for those who crave it. Overnight at the campsite here and go for the summit starting at 3AM the next day. You need to be well rested as this is a stiff task – the final climb is nearly 1,100 m on difficult ground.

Senaru Rinjani – Trekking Rinjani Itinerary Route

This is by far the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the crater rim only. You start at an elevation of 600 m in Senaru Trekking Rinjani Itinerary village, normally in the late morning or early afternoon and make the 6 hour ascent to the crater rim before dark.

First part of the trek is through tropical rain forest. Look and listen out for the lutung, or black monkey, swinging through the trees in the late morning.

They are extremely shy, unlike for the common macaques which may gather near rest stops waiting for scraps. The route passes through POSII at 1,500 m, breaches the treeline at 2,000 m (POSIII) and then it is a bit of slog up gravel paths to the camp site just below the crater rim at 2,600 m.

There is no clear path at the last section nearing crater rim, at an incline of 45 degrees. There is a POS Extra after POS 3, but it is pretty much gone, and the remaining bits have been chopped up by porters as firewood.

If that has not sapped all of your energy you can then make a very precarious descent down to shores of the crater lake and bath in the hot waters. You need some confidence to do this as it is a steep descent of 600+ m using handrails and ropes.

And then it is back to Senaru Trekking Rinjani Itinerary the way you came. Local guides claim going down is faster, but speed varies for individuals.

Patience is vital for first timers, as it can get frustrating watching porters sail past you with their load balanced on one shoulder, clad in slippers or even walking barefoot. Descent from POS Extra to POS 3 can be slippery when weather is dry, as scree tends to give way under your feet.

From POS 3 to POS 2, the descent can take 1.5 to 2 hours, as Savannah grasslands fades away, and the humidity and heat from the tropical rain forest begins to set in.

There is an option to go on to Plawangan II where you overnight again before making the ascent to the absolute summit. This is not especially recommended from the Senaru side though. If you want to get to the top, the climb to Plawangan II is best made from Sambulan Lawang

Torean Rinjani – Trekking Rinjani Itinerary Route

New trekking route from  village 40 minutes from Senaru village West Lombok. Torean trekking route really famous for trekkers who want to direct to The lake in the same days.

The trails flatter then Senaru or from Sembalun route, but the trekking route is more longer then another trekking route. Its take about 9 hours walking in total, from starting point to the lake camping area. The trail is nice and fantastic.

After earthquake 2018 this trekking route the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the lake.

We will start at an elevation of 585 m in Torean village in early morning and make the 9-10 hour ascent to the LAKE before dark.

First part of the trek is through tropical rain forest. We will found Lutung or black monkey, swinging through the trees in the late morning. They are extremely shy, unlike for the common macaques which may gather near rest stops waiting for scraps.

The route passes through PINTU MASUK at 779 m, breaches the tree line at 821m ( POS I ) and then it is a bit of long up paths to the next ( POST 2 ) Birisan nangka At 1.078m and form this point to get in to the next stop we have passes the famous waterfall ( Penimbungan waterfall ) at 1,299m.

Continue walking to the (post 3 ) 1,355 m and still walking up to get in to Pelawangan Torean ( babanan propok ) 1585m And after take water break at Propok we continue walking up and down hill to the lake camp 2.000m.

We offers three option trekking packages starting from Torean village end Senaru village or Sembalun village. All trekking option will show different view and atmosphere

Reza Trekker Extra Offers to Lead You to Mount Rinjani

Lombok is part of Wallacea, where plants and animals from Australia meet those from South Asia. This means that many unique things are different from other regions. Because of its status as Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, this is the truth that needs to be known:

Professional Trekkers

One thing you need to know about Mount Rinjani, this is a tricky area to reach the top. It is high, windy, cold, and also steep. There are only 25% of people managed to reach the summit.

We were sure that you could be one of the 25%. But if you can’t, you shouldn’t force it. This very steep track is one of the challenges why people often fail to reach the top, but don’t worry with trekkers that provided by Reza Trekker Tour and Travel.


We will discuss the best time to start your trip here. After you are sure that this is a mountain that is worth your hike, then choose between April and October. This is the best time because the weather is more favorable for trekking.

Professionals Clients

Seeing all this, you may question your vacation plans. Was it the right decision to visit Mount Rinjani? This is still a good decision for trekking here but choose the best service.

Agents that Help Route Cleaning (You Can Help Them Too!)

Facts and truths that are rarely known are the mountain is covered in Garbage, toilet paper, and poo. This is a sad fact. But this is a very detestable thing, which also makes many people’s evaluation of this mountain so bad.

Reza Trekker Tour and Travel Porters and Observers that Will Help Your Journey

Mount Rinjani trekking packages promise delicious fresh food, fancy drinks, and comfy mattresses. Yes, you will feel the perfect holiday experience. But that will only make your luggage bigger, so know what Porters usually carry.

We suggest the Reza Trekker Tour and Travel if you want the best guide. This is a top-rated company offering an unforgettable experience. You can see your vacation with Reza Trekker through our website.

Varied trekking tracks allow you to reach the top in more ways. Starting from Sembalun to Senatur, these are the most popular tracks. You can ask the Mount Rinjani guide regarding more exciting tracks.

So you shouldn’t bring all those unnecessary things with you. You are better off getting only essential equipment. It will help you a lot, especially to pass challenging tracks.

Three days is not enough time to enjoy Rinjani. You may need more than that, but it’s best accompanied by an itinerary full of preparation. Mount Rinjani could be the perfect destination, but it’s a good idea to plan with Reza Trekker Tour and Travel.

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